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Telemedicine Services

Michael McPherson, MD
Medical Director, Telemedicine Services

Dr. McPherson is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine with over twenty years’ experience as a physician. A graduate of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, his regional medical practice is based in Lubbock. Dr. McPherson serves as medical director of numerous nursing homes and transitional care centers. He has a passion for enhancing patient outcomes through continual process improvement and feels telemedicine is a critical tool to help advance care in the long-term care sector.

24 Karat’s LTC Net is designed by physicians and long term care providers who understand the unique needs of the sector. Our services are designed to improve clinical outcomes by supporting the patient care team at our client facilities.

Under the medical direction of Michael McPherson, MD, our team of skilled and capable providers bring their high-quality experience to our clients. All of our providers are Texas based and use industry standard care pathways adopted and approved by Dr. McPherson.

Our menu of telemedicine and web-interactive services include:

Benefits to 24 Karat Telemedicine and Web-Interactive Services