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Telemedicine services in Lubbock Texas

Michael McPherson, MD

Medical Director, Telemedicine Services

Dr. McPherson is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine with over twenty years’ experience as a physician. A graduate of the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, his regional medical practice is based in Lubbock. Dr. McPherson serves as medical director of numerous nursing homes and transitional care centers. He has a passion for enhancing patient outcomes through continual process improvement and feels telemedicine is a critical tool to help advance care in the long-term care sector.


24 Karat’s LTC Net is designed by physicians and long term care providers who understand the unique needs of the sector. Our services are designed to improve clinical outcomes by supporting the patient care team at our client facilities.


Under the medical direction of Michael McPherson, MD, our team of skilled and capable providers bring their high-quality experience to our clients. All of our providers are Texas based and use industry standard care pathways adopted and approved by Dr. McPherson.


Our menu of telemedicine and web-interactive services include:


  • 24K Health QIPP Solutions: Texas QIPP rules provide for payment enhancements under Component Two: Workforce Development Metrics. Through this program, QIPP participating nursing facilities may use telemedicine services for scheduling hours beyond the CMS eight-hour in-person requirement. The 24K solution meets the Component requirements and improves your outcomes.

  • 24K Provider Consultation: Our network of providers is available for telemedicine consultations around the clock to client staff. We work with facility medical directors and attending physicians to customize how our services can best meet individual needs. Our team of providers can provide consultative recommendations, or we can assist with developing and determining treatment plans. We are as involved in assisting with care as your physicians ask.

  • Medical Director Services: Through our web-interactive services, we provide medical director services to facilities. This is extremely helpful to remote facilities who previously had struggled to retain skilled medical directors. Each of the physicians in this role are experienced and highly-skilled in CMS regulations and QAPI processes.

  • 24K Meaningful QAPI Processes with Action Plans which work! Our team of experts work with facility administrators, medical staff, directors of nursing and others to develop meaningful QAPI processes and QAA oversight which bring facilities into a process of continual process improvement.


Benefits to 24 Karat Telemedicine and Web-Interactive Services


  • Reduction in Returns to Acute Care Settings

  • Eligibility for QIPP Component 2 Enhancements (Texas Medicaid Program)

  • Enhanced outcomes through early interventions

  • Access to experienced and board-certified medical director services

  • Meaningful QAPI processes designed to enhance Quality Measures and meet all aspects of regulatory compliance while reducing risk


Our team has a passion for working along-side our clients in establishing and growing a 24 Karat CultureTM which results in a transformation which truly empowers teams to respond the challenges facing our industry and gives residents a voice and choice™ in their care.

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Telemedicine services in Lubbock Texas
Telemedicine services in Lubbock Texas
Telemedicine services in Lubbock Texas